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Posted on: November 16, 2017

Porcelain CrownsPorcelain crowns have been an excellent restorative choice in dentistry since its introduction in 1889. Through the years, researchers and laboratories have continually improved in creating porcelain crowns that not only look incredibly natural, but also retain strength and resistance to wear in the mouth. Like any dental restorative material, there are certain indications where a porcelain crown might be the best choice to use.

Applications for porcelain crowns:

Restoring damaged teeth

There are a number of reasons why a tooth can be damaged to the point where it needs a porcelain crown:

· Broken teeth from accidents

· Cracked and fractured teeth from years of teeth not fitting together right

· Dental infections that destroy the majority of the tooth

In each of these situations, the tooth is susceptible to a catastrophic or non-repairable fracture, which then must be extracted. Instead of leaving these teeth as-is, they can be strengthened with a porcelain crown.

Changing the shape and appearance of teeth

Teeth can vary in shape and size. Occasionally, there may be a front tooth that is abnormally small. This defect can be restored by a porcelain crown to look like a normal tooth again. Some people have natural gaps between their teeth that they find unsightly. Porcelain crowns or veneers can easily fill these gaps to resemble natural teeth.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

When teeth have worn out beyond their years, often a result of heavy bruxing or clenching, full mouth rehabilitation may be necessary. In this situation, porcelain crowns are designed to add back the length of each tooth that was lost to years of grinding. With proper planning, we can give back a properly functioning masticatory system that looks and feels incredibly lifelike and natural, all completed with beautiful porcelain crowns.

Masking internal antibiotic staining

Some people who had a high fever or who were given certain antibiotics at a young age may suffer from internally stained teeth. No amount of over-the-counter or professional teeth whitening products will help brighten these teeth. In these cases, porcelain is used to block the darkened appearance, leaving the patient with a brighter, whiter smile.

Are you interested in porcelain crowns?

If you think that porcelain crowns might be the solution to your dental problem, schedule an appointment at our office by calling (231)935-1948. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pfefferle will listen to your needs and help offer solutions which may include the use of porcelain crowns. Discover how porcelain crowns can restore function and change your smile!

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