Cosmetic Dentist Individualized Treatment Plan

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Cosmetic Dentist Individualized Treatment Plan

We are here to bring out your very best smile.  By visiting Cherry Bay Dental, you can have a smile that is something you can be proud of.  This is because we understand that there is no one set definition of beauty, rather, what is beautiful to you.  As such, we spend time getting to know our patients in order to better understand what their goals are and what they deem to be beautiful.  If you have things that you do not like about your smile we encourage you to visit a Traverse City, MI cosmetic dentist for an individualized treatment plan.  We will work to design a smile that is as unique as you are in order to improve your self-confidence and help you to smile brightly.  You can schedule your appointment with our 49686 cosmetic dentist office by calling (231) 935-1948.

Things To Consider When Meeting with Cherry Bay Dental

As a Traverse City, MI cosmetic dentist, we are concerned with the appearance of your teeth but also with the health of them.  If your teeth are not healthy, you are suffering from gum disease or you have damaged teeth, improving the appearance of your smile will only be a temporary solution.  Dental damage will eventually lead to discomfort and the potential for adult tooth loss.  To ensure that the time you spend improving your smile yields the best results, we will always examine you and make treatment recommendations with your oral health in mind.  Fortunately, many of the treatments we use to restore your infected or damaged teeth can also be used to improve the appearance of them. For example, a cracked or chipped tooth can be restored using a dental crown or even dental bonding.  Both of these solutions can be tooth-colored which means that both the functionality and appearance of your tooth will be restored at the same time.

When you visit our Traverse City, MI cosmetic dentist office we will discuss various treatment options with you.  Among them may be –

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Crowns
  • Veneers

All of these solutions can be used individually or together in order to transform your smile.  Which ones we recommend will be based on the issues that you have with your teeth and what your primary objectives are.  For example, if you are looking for a fast, affordable and easy way to improve your smile, we may recommend teeth whitening.  Since teeth whitening can be completed right away and it is non-invasive, many of our patients start with this solution.  If, however, you are looking to address more significant issues like gaps in between your teeth, dental damage, or need to change the general appearance of your teeth, dental veneers or dental crowns will be a better solution.  In some cases, we will place both dental veneers and dental crowns, using veneers on the front teeth and crowns on any damaged molars.  Additionally, we can replace any of your missing teeth using dental implants.  We prefer dental implants because this is a solution that replaces both your missing roots and teeth.  This means that you benefit from a secure set of replacement teeth that look, feel and behave like your natural ones.

With all of these options, you have the ability to control the pace of your smile makeover.  For example, you may want to restore a damaged tooth and then have veneers placed a few months later.  We can help you to chart out your entire treatment plan when you visit our office for a consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation with Cherry Bay Dental

If you live in the 49686 area, receiving your cosmetic dentist individualized treatment plan is easy.  Simply call (231) 935-1948 to schedule a consultation with our Traverse City, MI dental office.

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