Visit a Cosmetic Dentist for a Teeth Whitening in Traverse City

Posted on: May 1, 2017

Teeth WhiteningIf you find that your teeth are becoming discolored over time, consider visiting our Traverse City dentist office for a teeth whitening. Teeth whitening procedures are sometimes the easiest way to brighten and improve the appearance of your smile. Nearly all adults suffer from some form of discoloration or staining; the causes can range from our favorite foods and beverages to the natural process of aging. Some staining can be very minor and is easily polished off during a cleaning procedure, however some can be severe enough that a whitening procedure is necessary. In any case, our professional grade whitening solution can positively transform your smile.

Why you should schedule an appointment for a teeth whitening

As a cosmetic dentist, we can whiten a patient’s teeth in a way that will produce beautiful results. Our whitening solution can penetrate the enamel of one’s teeth to begin the process of oxidization where the molecules inside of the teeth reflect less light and appear colorless. The solutions that one buys in the store typically only remove the surface stains and are not nearly as effective. This can lead to overuse of the bleaching product, resulting in irritated gum tissues and oftentimes sensitivity. Patients can avoid this potential complication by scheduling an appointment with our dental office for a teeth whitening.

The process

Upon visiting our office, we will first examine the patient’s teeth to make sure there are no cavities or infections that we need to address. Dental decay is more important to address for the sake of the patient’s overall health, and we cannot place the whitening solution onto damaged teeth since it can cause irritation by the peroxide. We will also look for other signs of damage. If the patient has any cracked or chipped teeth, it is important to restore them prior to whitening the teeth.

Once it is determined that tooth whitening can safely be performed, Dr. Pfefferle can discuss options as to how to whiten the teeth. One option is to make bleaching trays that snugly fit around each tooth, ensuring that bleach does not spill onto your gum tissues. You can then purchase professional grade bleach gel that you apply in the tray and wear each night at home. You have control over how long you bleach each night, and how many applications are given. The other option would be to schedule a one-time bleach procedure in the office. Dr. Pfefferle can discuss the pros and cons to each with you when you schedule a consultation with her.

As a cosmetic dentist, we also have other solutions that we can provide you with should the teeth whitening treatment not work as well as you would like. We can cover any remaining stains with dental bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns. All of these are effective solutions for improving the appearance of your teeth and can be completed fairly quickly.

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