Healthy Eating Tips from a Dentist in Traverse City

Posted on: October 3, 2016

Dentist in Traverse CityAs a dentist in Traverse City, Dr. Pfefferle knows one of the best services she can offer her patients is frequent education about how to maintain good oral health. We educate our patients in order to help them have a healthy mouth now and as they age. Adult tooth loss is very common but is something that can be avoided with proper tools and know-how. We believe that by talking to a patient about things they can do to improve oral health, including diet and home care, our patients will have a greater opportunity to maintain their natural teeth. With that in mind, here are some tips for healthy eating.

#1 Drink more water

While most people think about drinking water from the perspective of helping their skin to appear fresh or to maintain better overall health, it is also important for the health of your teeth. Your body needs water to produce saliva in order to naturally wash away the food particles and bacteria that end up on your teeth. If you do not produce enough saliva, you will suffer from a condition that is known as dry mouth. This is especially common with the elderly and those that regularly take prescription medications.

Unfortunately, without enough saliva, these food particles will remain in your mouth throughout the day, creating a perfect environment for developing cavities or infection. By simply carrying a water bottle with you and drinking water throughout the day, you can improve your oral health.

#2 Avoid sugar and anything that is acidic

Most people are aware that it is important not to eat too much candy or other sugary items because it increases the chance of getting a cavity. This is certainly true. However, while you are avoiding sugar you need to also avoid anything that is highly acidic. Sour candy is at the top of the list for things to avoid because it is both sugary and acidic. Another item to avoid is soda. Any type of soda or cola products is going to be so acidic that it is more closely resembles battery acid than water. This means that the enamel on your teeth can begin to erode by simply drinking soda throughout the day. It doesn’t really matter which kind you drink, diet or regular, any type of soda is extremely acidic. It is critical that cut out these acidic and often sugary drinks from your diet to help protect your enamel. Once you lose enamel, you can never grow it back.

#3 Eat a balanced diet

As a dentist in Traverse City, we recommend that our patients eat a balanced diet as much as possible. This includes eating lean protein, nuts, dairy products, and plenty of vegetables. The vitamins and minerals found in these food items are very important in maintaining your overall health. The more vegetables and lean protein you eat, the healthier your body and your teeth will be.

For more healthy eating tips or to learn about other ways you can improve your oral health, call and schedule an appointment with our office to speak with our dentist in Traverse City.

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