Periodontics Treatments Are Important For Oral Health

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Periodontics Treatments Are Important For Oral Health

Your oral health is a top priority for us and as such, we recommend that you visit our Traverse City, MI dental office for periodontics treatments when necessary.  While most of our patients think about their teeth on a regular basis, few ever consider the importance of gum health.  Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, making periodontics treatments important for oral health.  To find out if you are in need of periodontics care or a deep cleaning, call (231) 935-1948 and schedule an appointment with Cherry Bay Dental today.

Signs That You Have Gum Disease

As a Traverse City, MI dentist, we remind patients to look for these signs when brushing their teeth –

  • Gums that are red or swollen when you brush or on a daily basis.
  • Bleeding when you brush your teeth or when you floss. Some light or occasional bleeding is not a cause for concern but regular blood on your toothbrush is.
  • Painful gums are cause for concern if the pain lasts for more than a day. If the discomfort is caused by what you ate, like something high in sugar or something abrasive, that discomfort will fade within a day or two.  If it lingers, you could have gum disease.
  • Teeth that appear much longer or larger than they used to be. Severe gum disease can lead to gum recession which means that more of your actual tooth structure will be visible.  Unfortunately, gum recession leaves more of your tooth and roots exposed which also increases the risk of you developing an infection or decay, your teeth becoming loose, or even falling out.

Why You Need a Deep Cleaning from Cherry Bay Dental

Gum disease is typically caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar on the portions of the teeth that are underneath your gums.  You cannot reach or clean this area on your own at home.  This is why you need to visit our 49686 dental office for a deep cleaning.  With a standard dental cleaning, we clean all of the visible areas of your teeth, floss in between them, and clean the area around your gum line.  With a deep cleaning, we clean the portion of your teeth that is underneath the gums.  Since plaque or tartar in this area can cause significant irritation to your gums, performing a deep cleaning allows us to remove the irritant so that your gums can return to good health naturally.  This is the first step in treating gum disease and if we catch your condition early enough, a deep cleaning may be all that is required to restore your health.

Periodontics Treatments Are Important for Oral Health

Given the fact that most adults lose teeth after suffering from periodontal disease, treating this condition quickly is critical for your long-term oral health and the longevity of your natural teeth.  As a 49686 dentist, we recommend that you not only receive a deep cleaning but that you also have any other necessary treatments like a scaling and root planing procedure to ensure that your gums can return to good health.

Schedule an Appointment with Cherry Bay Dental: A Traverse City, MI Dentist

If you are showing any signs of gum disease, call (231) 935-1948 and schedule an appointment for an examination.  Doing so quickly will allow us to identify and treat any issues before gum disease can cause gum recession, loose teeth or tooth loss.

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