We Specialize in Placing Dental Implants

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Dental ImplantsAs a dental office that restores dental implants in Traverse City, we are extremely proud to be part of a technological advancement that is changing the conversation in regard to tooth loss.

With dental implants we can give you new teeth that:

  • #1 Look Natural
  • #2 Act Like Your Old Teeth
  • #3 Remain Securely in Place

For too long tooth loss led to uncomfortable or aggressive measures to replace unsightly gaps. With the introduction of dental implants, we can give you the option to replace the lost tooth with one that looks, feels, and functions much like the original. Dental implants not only replace the visible surface (the crown) of the tooth, but more impressively, it replaces the lost root of the tooth which helps protect the bone from resorbing. Although dental implants have been available for many years, we understand most patients still have questions about the process and procedure. Typically, individuals want to know how long dental implants typically last, the procedures involved in placing a dental implant, whether or not they are eligible to take advantage of implants, and most importantly, can they fit an implant into their budget.

Schedule a Consultation

All of this and more are discussed during our initial consultations. For anyone considering dental implants, it is important to understand that almost anyone can have them placed; however, there are a few restrictions that a few patients need to be aware of since dental implantation requires surgery and is performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist. Specifically, an individual with uncontrolled diabetes is not a good candidate for implant placement. In addition, heavy smokers also face an increased risk of implant rejection. We can discuss these risks at your initial consultation.

Another factor that may impede immediate placement of an implant is the quality of bone and surrounding structures within the bone. Nasal sinus passages, proximity to vital nerves, the amount of healthy bone and bone type can all affect how an implant is placed. These issues will be carefully evaluated by the oral surgeon or periodontist placing the implant.

Success Rates

Success for a dental implant specialist is measured in the number of decades you successfully use your dental implant, not years. Typically, dental implants have a very high success rate and can last 20 or more years. Achieving this is not an accident. We carefully prepare the patients for the process, taking every precaution to ensure there are no hindrances that may cause the implant to fail.

While this is often time-consuming, it is necessary for success. The journey toward having implants will begin with an extremely comprehensive examination to determine the overall health of the patient’s mouth. Upon referral to an oral surgeon or periodontist, imaging like X-rays and CT scans will be included to make sure that the jawbone has enough density to withstand and support the implant.

Once the decision is made and the implant is placed, there is typically a healing period to ensure the implant has become solid in the bone. The surgeon will test the implant to make sure it is strong enough to withstand the crown to follow, and once clearance is given, the patient will return to our office for the crown. Typically this healing process takes three months. If needed, there are temporary options to replace any unwanted spaces while the implant is healing. We will be sure to discuss these options with you at your consultation appointment—schedule yours today!

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